Union of Noble Educators statement on Milkie abuse scandal.

CHICAGO – For 20 years, Mike Milkie has been trusted and empowered to run our schools. What’s come to light in the past few days needs to put into question the integrity and judgement of the people who have enabled him for the last two decades.

These leaders have not condemned the predatory actions of a man who has abused his position of power and put young women in danger. In fact, our new president and CEO admits that she has only shared this information in light of the news reports.

Mike Milkie doesn’t deserve to choose to retire for “personal reasons,” much less at the end of the calendar year. He doesn’t deserve another moment in our schools or another cent of our taxpayer dollars.

Who will hold Mike Milkie truly accountable? If not our chief executives and our board of directors, our educators will and must. We have a responsibility to our students and their families who entrust us with their children every day. To any current or former students: we will believe, support you, and will fight with you.

As educators, we need a union now more than ever, so we can truly hold our leaders accountable, speak out without fear of retribution, and ensure a just, stable, and safe learning community for our students.


The Union of Noble Educators is a movement of teachers and staff in the Noble Network of Charter Schools organizing for a collective voice. We are forming our union so that we can work together as educators across the 18 schools to create a just and stable learning community for our colleagues, our students and their families.