UNE POC Caucus

Statement of Purpose

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The Union of Noble Educators (UNE) is a movement of teachers & staff across the Noble Network of Charter Schools determined to win a union & collective voice. Since launching our organizing efforts, we’ve created the UNE People of Color Caucus (POCC) to amplify the voices and leadership of Noble’s staff of color within our union.

The UNE POC Caucus is a space created by & for people of color working at Noble. We are a multi-racial group of POC who play diverse roles in our school: paraprofessionals, social workers, teachers, office staff, disciplinarians, who are often the intermediaries for our students and their concerns. As a group, we represent a multitude of intersectional identities. Our diversity of background and experience is a reflection of the students we serve.

Since going public with our effort to form a union at Noble, the POC Caucus has driven the UNE to commit itself to intentional inclusion & leadership of teachers and staff of color, and to building an anti-racist union. We love our students, we love our colleagues, and we love our schools. We are organizing together to make our schools better places to work and to learn, advancing–not dismantling–the hard work of Noble educators present and past.

The UNE POC Caucus is a space for committed educators who yearn for our voices, as workers and as people of color, to be respected,  our input to be valued, and to be treated as competent professionals. We are organizing for better representation of POC in our schools and in our union. We need our issues, as POC, to be acknowledged and acted upon. We seek job security, pay fairness, and the ability to address, without fear, racist, sexist or otherwise unjust policies and structures within Noble.

To be clear, we are not here to save our students nor do we speak for them, despite our shared backgrounds.What we do wish is for our students to be listened to, treated with compassion, and to be empowered. We want to tackle unjust practices at their root, in the different ways they manifest, for both students and educators. We are fighting for a union that will impact systems that dehumanize us, our students, and families. We know that real change will not come simply from trainings on “bias” or “cultural competency,” while oppressive policies remain. We call for improvements and systems that will endure within our schools and ultimately hold our Network accountable to our shared values and needs.

In Solidarity,
Alisa de los Reyes
Arlette Acosta
Ameil Kenkare
Amit Khatkhate
Chau Tran
Jennifer Jauregui
Katleiah Ramos
Kiara Logan
Kevin Steger
Sharolyn Hardy
Vanessa Garcia