Pay Equity Petition

While the Noble Network has promised a pay raise for teaching staff, our union will win a contract that will fight for equity and fairness for ALL. As long as we do not have a collectively-bargained contract, the promised salary schedules and raises are at the discretion of the Noble Network. Only a union contract would guarantee that all workers have a say in their pay and working conditions.

The Union of Noble Educators (UNE) believes that ALL staff are integral to the well-being and success of our students. We demand that the Noble Network invest in all of its employees, especially employees of color. The Network’s recent pay raise fails to invest in support staff, who are majority Black and Latino workers. These staff members are the front line of our students’ growth and achievement; it is unconscionable that Noble’s policies have failed to invest in the very workers and communities they seek to serve.

We ask that the Noble Network create a salary schedule based on input from paraprofessionals, college counselors, office staff, disciplinarians, and social workers in order to rectify the inequity in pay (based on gender and race). That pay schedule should invest in ALL Noble employees and be released no later than the original schedule for teaching staff.

If you want to sign the petition, please reach out to!