Pay Data Transparency

To create greater transparency in Noble’s compensation practices, UNE is providing a searchable pay data set, based on information from a public records request, similar to one by Catalyst Chicago in 2016. The original records, as provided by Noble, can be downloaded here as an Excel file.

Noble, like all charter operators and school districts, regularly reports salary data to state and local agencies. UNE is working on comparisons and analysis of data from multiple sources to help all Noble teachers and staff have a more complete picture of their employer’s compensation practices. We will post charts, infographics and other summaries on this page as they are completed. If you have questions or suggestions, please send a message through our Contact Page.

  • Infographic 1: Bonus Comparison
    Comparison of teacher bonuses to admin bonuses. Contact us for text version.

Salaries by Position and Gender


Teacher Position Salaries