Our Story

We are the Union of Noble Educators, a movement of teachers and staff in the Noble Network of Charter Schools organizing for a collective voice. We are forming our union so that we can work together as educators across the 18 schools to create a just and stable learning community for our colleagues, our students and their families.

On March 3, 2017, we announced our union. We continue to grow since theday when we shared our Open Letter, calling on the Noble Network to agree to a fair process as we organize, so that we may speak openly and directly with our coworkers about our decision to form a union, free of interference or influence.

UNE came together through conversations—educator to educator—about our experiences working in the Noble Network and what changes could make our schools even better places to work and learn. The more we talked and connected across the Network and outside our individual campuses, the more apparent the need for a united voice became. We are committed to listening and to growing the number of voices in our union, especially those of educators of color and other marginalized identities. And so, we invite our colleagues at Noble to join us in these necessary conversations and become a part of UNE.

UNE is proud to join the effort of teacher and staff at charter schools in the city of Chicago to elevate the voice of educators in school decision-making. In forming our union, we are joining CTU-ACTS, a division of the Chicago Teachers Union, and are standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of the Illinois Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers, in the fight for the schools our students deserve.

Please also check out our BLOG where we lift our educator voices and create a space to talk about the challenges we face at Noble.