Open Letter

Open Letter to Michael Milkie, the Noble Board and Noble Principals

We are passionate, committed, professional teachers and staff with diverse experiences in the Noble Network of Charter Schools. We believe in racial, gender, and economic justice. We see our students every day and know they are better served by a lasting staff that can advocate for their schools. To this end, we seek a voice at Noble and beyond.

We want a voice in decisions, stability in our schools and, most importantly, the best possible future for our students. Under current local and national conditions, educators labor to remain in their classrooms while our value is diminished, our capacity drained, and our power constrained. Both students and educators struggle to thrive in climates that prioritize test scores and compliance over creativity and personhood. Our students’ learning conditions are our working conditions. When educators have the real collective power to affect both, we can fulfill our schools’ obligations to all students, their families, and our city. Therefore, we are forming a union to ensure our voice plays an integral role in the success of our students.

We call on our colleagues across our network’s 17 campuses to join with us, the Union of Noble Educators, to build our collective strength.

In order to be able to speak openly, we ask Michael Milkie, the Noble Board of Directors, and Noble Principals to agree to a fair process free of interference as we organize. If educators are trusted, then we must be trusted to have a collective voice.

We look forward to the work ahead to create more sustainable and more just schools for students and communities.

The Union of Noble Educators

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